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Custom Stickers and Labels: Matte or glossy? (5 Key Considerations) 

There are a few key things to consider before making a final decision on your stickers’ or labels’ finish. Both, matte or glossy finishes have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to weigh all the factors before making a choice. Here are six of the most important considerations when choosing between matte and glossy custom stickers and labels!

1. Consider the environment where the stickers or labels will be placed

The main purpose of the laminate, which is what will give your custom stickers and labels their finished look, is to protect your design from rain, sunlight, scratches and oil. If you are using your stickers and labels outdoors or around water, choose the laminate your sticker printer recommends, regardless of the look. After all, even the prettiest sticker is useless if it does not last.

2. Decide if you want a classic look or something more modern

Glossy stickers and labels have been around for a very long time and are often associated with a classic or traditional look. Matte stickers and labels, on the other hand, are newer on the scene and tend to be seen as more modern. If you cannot decide which look you want, ask your sticker printer for a sample of each before making a decision.

3. Determine what kind of material you want your stickers and labels printed on

This is an important factor because some material qualities lend themselves to one type of finish over the other. For example, if you print on clear vinyl, glossy custom labels and stickers will show off the material’s transparency, while matte stickers and labels will tone it down. If you want your stickers and labels to really stand out, choose a brightly coloured material and finish with a glossy laminate.

4. Pick a finish that will make your stickers or labels stand out and grab attention

Both matte and glossy finishes can make your stickers and labels pop, but they do so in different ways. Glossy laminates reflect light, making colours appear brighter and design more vibrant. Matte laminates diffuse light, giving colours a softer look. If you want your stickers and labels to really stand out, go for a glossy finish.

5. The cost of producing the stickers and labels with different finishes

The cost of each laminate depends on what your chosen sticker printer uses as their standard. If their stickers and labels come with a glossy laminate, a matte finish will be more expensive as they have to set up a different process. Make sure to ask about the cost of different finishes before deciding, so there are no surprises down the line.

Now that you know more about matte and glossy finishes for stickers and labels, it’s time to make a decision! Which one is your favourite? If you still can’t choose, why not try both? After all, variety is the spice of life.

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