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EGAT has chosen the type of power plant?

The selection of EGAT’s power plant types and types of fuel are different, which can be divided as follows.

1. Power plants that supply electricity Based on basic needs (Base Load Plant)

In this case, the power plant must be running at all times. 

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And the main rule is to produce electricity at the lowest cost using cheap fuel first. These power plants are thermal power plant (using natural gas, oil

Coal) Combined Cycle Power Plant (using natural gas) nuclear power plants (Thailand does not have) this type of power plant if it stops operating when? It will take a very long time to start the new engine to heat the engine. So can’t walk, walk, stop because it’s not worth the cost. and the machine may be damaged For example, Mae Moh Power Plant uses coal as fuel. Wang Noi power plant that uses natural gas as fuel, etc.

2. Power plants that supply electricity during medium demand periods (Intermediate plant)

At some point People will have more demand for electricity than their basic needs. but still not the most. We call the demand for electricity during this period as moderate demand. which should run the power plant all the time like the first type of power plant. It’s just that the production capacity can be increased or decreased to some extent. Using more or less fuel input, depending on this type of power plant, including combined heat power. (using natural gas Or if natural gas is not available, diesel can be used instead. but the cost of fuel will increase) or use the method of purchasing electricity from outside the country

3. Power plants that supply electricity Peaking Plant

During the time when the electricity is most needed (Peak Lod), about 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. fire cannot be extinguished. The state therefore has to accelerate power production during this period more than other periods, but basic and medium-demand power plants cannot accelerate more than this. The state therefore has to have another type of instantaneous power plant added. A power plant that starts and produces electricity immediately, such as a hydroelectric power plant. This is an advantage of hydroelectric (dam-based) and pump-storage hydroelectric power plants. and gas power plants which uses diesel as fuel

Estimated cost of electricity generation

1) Solar : cost 12.50 baht per unit

2) Wind : cost 5.20 baht per unit

3) Natural gas : cost 3.96 baht per unit

4) Garbage : cost 3-5 baht per unit

5) Biomass : cost 3-3.50 baht per unit

6) Coal : Cost 2.94 baht per unit

7) Nuclear : cost 2.79 baht per unit

Why does the government encourage private power generation?

Probably no private person in a good place would dare to invest in producing electricity to sell to the state. Unless the state invites the private sector to do it, then why suddenly the state wants to invite the private sector to produce electricity to compete with itself? The state certainly has its own reasons. And those reasons are

1) will have a competition to make no monopoly People and electricity users will have enough electricity to use. and at an affordable price

2) The state does not collect taxes. No need to borrow money to invest in building a power plant. people will benefit

3) Encourage the private sector (SPP) to generate electricity with high efficiency, such as using renewable energy. or using combined heat energy, etc.

4) Electricity consumers will receive better service. Electricity quality is better. The power does not go down often because there are small power plants scattered across the country.

5) People will be able to participate in investments with private companies in the country’s energy development activities. instead of being a unilateral power user as in the past

6) Help develop the capital market and raising savings causing the flow of money which makes both the local and national economy better


The country’s largest electricity producer is Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), but nowadays, the government has opened up for private sectors to participate in the production of electricity as well, which is a plant called SPP. and IPP SPP is a small private power producer Generating capacity of not more than 90 megawatts can produce electricity and sell it to EGAT for transmission to EGAT’s transmission line to be sold to the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) for use in Bangkok. and the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) for use outside Bangkok The main principle is to use the cogeneration system. (or produce heat and electricity together) or use renewable electricity such as waste materials, etc.


IPP corresponds to the English word IPP stands for Independent Power Produces, meaning a large private power producer. is any company that offers to sell electricity according to EGAT’s tender announcement. and was selected according to the specified conditions can generate electricity and sell it to people or factories through EGAT

Thank you information from Website of the Energy Policy and Planning Office

electricity demand Each month is different. The highest demand of each year is usually in April. because it is the month with the highest temperature In addition, the maximum demand for electricity in each year is different. Usually the demand for electricity increases every year.

Temperature and maximum power demand

Currently, the peak demand for electricity will occur in the summer. due to the temperature factor included According to the study, if the summer temperature rises by 1 degree Celsius, the electricity demand will increase by about 300 MW.

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