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Four Types of Wild Animals in Alexandria You Will Not Want to Have in Your House

Having wildlife in your house is not only a nuisance. It can also lead to severe and expensive property damage. This damage can hurt your home’s resale value. This is the reason you should consider professional Alexandria Wildlife Removal right away when you notice some wild animals on your property. 

A lot of kinds of wildlife take up residence in your house for warmth, safety, and food. But their activity while living in your house can lead to different types of damage. The following are common kinds of wild animals that might live in your house and cause damage:


As the cold months come, rats and mice usually enter homes to nest and forage for food. A rodent infestation is common in winter. Aside from being unhygienic, rodents can spread diseases. Also, they can cause damage to your home as they chew through pipes, wiring, wooden structures, and brickwork. Sometimes, they can cause fires in homes by chewing through wires.


Raccoons can topple over garbage cans, leaving garbage messing up your lawn. However, the real issue happens when these wild animals get into your house. Raccoons can cause serious damage as they destroy the insulation by compressing and trampling it while they walk around it. Also, they leave harmful urine and feces while they live in your house. 


For a lot of people, bats are scary. If there are only a few bats in your attic, they may not be too much of an issue. However, bats can cause damage to your house if they come in big numbers. This can happen when a bat infestation is ignored. 

Bats do not want to change residence if possible. Thus, once they take up residence in your house, they could grow in numbers there. Bats can chew on walls, destroy insulation, and chew on wires. Additionally, you will have to deal with an unpleasant odor from their droppings and a risk of contracting a disease. droppings from bats cause an infection that attacks your lungs, compromising your respiratory system. 


The issue with skunks is more than just the awful and lingering odor they bring. These animals can dig holes in your lawn and garden as well as damage crops. Also, they can damage your house and even injure your pets. Skunks are drawn to your home due to food. Also, they may crawl spaces, decks, and porches.

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