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How Does HealthTap Make Money?

Whether you are looking to use HealthTap to save money or make it easier to find a doctor, there are a few things you should know about the way the company makes money.

It’s a doctor appointment booking app

Founded in 2010 in Palo Alto, California, HealthTap is a doctor appointment booking app that makes money. Their mission is to make healthcare more convenient and affordable. They use a variety of business models to meet these goals.

One of the best parts of HealthTap is their integration of Apple Watch health data. This includes tracking daily measurements and blood pressure. For doctors, the feature is a boon, as they can see their patients’ data on a daily basis.

The app also offers a geo-location feature, which is helpful for patients looking for doctors in their area. You can also check out a doctor’s profile to learn more about their credentials, experience, and education.

Besides offering a convenient way to make appointments, HealthTap offers a variety of products for both patients and employers. These include a B2B telemedicine solution for insurance companies and employees.

For consumers, they offer a freemium model. This allows patients to schedule appointments at any time of the day. A subscription model is also available. For $10 per month, you can add family members to your account. You can also receive push notifications, which can be especially helpful for busy doctors.

The health app also includes a geo-location feature, which is useful for patients looking for doctors in their area. A variety of payment options also allow for easy payment.

It’s trying to build a marketplace for doctors

Founded in 2012, HealthTap has a thriving network of medical experts, as well as thousands of patients, and is attempting to build a marketplace for doctors. The company provides virtual medical care services at affordable rates.

Its mission is to provide accurate information at the fingertips of patients. Its apps help connect patients to doctors, and allow doctors to access health advice and order lab tests.

HealthTap has built a network of physicians in over 170 countries. Doctors get paid based on the number of patients they see.

HealthTap is currently licensed to insurance companies, health systems, and employers. The company is also a member of the Medical Devices Expert Collection, a group of companies developing medical devices.

The company recently added a ranking system to its app. Doctors are ranked based on the quality of their ratings, as well as the amount of patients they see. It is also possible to use the app to order lab tests directly from the doctor’s office. The company’s Prime service allows patients to speak with a physician via video call. HealthTap also offers virtual Primary Care visits for $40.

HealthTap offers membership programs for health systems and employers. It also provides continuing education credits to doctors.

The company has also acquired a client base of more than 60,000 doctors. It is also known for its question and answer website, which has 10 million active users. HealthTap offers free medical information, including answers to more than 800 health questions.

It’s not here to replace doctor visits

Located in Palo Alto, CA, HealthTap is a relatively unknown startup that’s quickly growing into a powerhouse in the telehealth industry. HealthTap provides an easy to use mobile application that allows consumers to connect with doctors and get the answers they need on the go.

The HealthTap app allows you to schedule appointments, read and share your lab results, and get answers to your health questions. The app also includes a library of doctor-answered questions and an AI-powered symptom checker.

The app also includes a secure messaging feature that allows you to ask questions and receive a free response from a doctor within 24 hours. You can also request a doctor’s appointment on the app, which may be covered by your health insurance.

The health app also offers you access to hundreds of doctor-answered questions and an impressive library of health tips and tricks. In addition, it features an AI-powered symptom checker that can help you get the best diagnosis.

Unlike most telemedicine services, HealthTap provides a live, on-demand consultation with a doctor. HealthTap’s doctors use their clinical knowledge to customize treatment plans for patients.


HealthTap offers a number of services, including Urgent Care, Primary Care, and mental health services. The app also includes a comprehensive lineup of services that include weight management, stress management, and preventative care. The app is user friendly, easy to navigate, and walks patients through the process of setting up an account and checking their insurance coverage before scheduling a visit.

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