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Innovation in modern cosmetic surgery

On this topic because many readers have sent questions, including the younger ones. Many doctors have asked on their Facebook page if they can help me analyze these innovations. This made the writer stunned in many questions. 

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The strange new innovations were mostly caused by the clinics that the owners or doctors who were not surgeons but wanted to be involved in the surgery industry were trying to find various beauty innovations. that does not require surgery to benefit yourself Because I know that most people who hear the word surgery will think negatively. But many innovations As the writers heard, it was even more bizarre. Makes it feel like they’re doing this now? Don’t be afraid to wait. Let’s take a closer look at the questions that the writers have picked.

   As a plastic surgeon, I would like to leave all of the above. There is no medical textbook that the writer has studied. Therefore, when there are no medical textbooks, specialists who have graduated from training institutions Trained doctors that the Medical Council approved, so no one knows. The writer consulted Agu. (www.google.com) and then compile the information for you to read as follows.

  1. Rhinoplasty by threading threads (4-5 threads), including using silk threads to lift your hair, lifting whatever is slack.
  2. Rhinoplasty by injecting silk (I didn’t ask if I wanted to inject it or not. but actually injecting a solution of silk)

   Nose augmentation by threading

Nose augmentation by thread lifting came into Thailand around the end of 2010, with a famous clinic buying a franchise from Korea. It came at a price of almost a million baht. Soon after that, the Korean doctor came to work. Had an academic conference in Thailand at the beginning of 2011 and had a demonstration of rhinoplasty? It goes by the name Minimally Invasive Scaffolder Rhinoplasty (funny joke, that doctor also came to franchise at the convention).

Nose augmentation using this type of silk. The silk will have special characteristics. It had a base like a tree with branches spreading out into small branches. and then curled into a spiral like a spring in such a strange manner. Therefore, it is suitable for raising the tip of the nose (a study writer from a Korean doctor who came to demonstrate it. Not only have the experience, but before-after pictures of users of this method, the reader can look it up on Google), but from hearing stories from the mouths of patients who have done this method in the past. That shot at the tip of the nose, it protruded, had to go back to the surgeon to cut it off.

   When the franchise is expensive, so no one wants to take the risk, but over time until the end of 2011 after the flood has started to advertise that a nose augmentation by threading. But this type of silk is PDO? (After a hundred of the patient’s face for a while, it’s fun to use some silk to lift the nose. and said that the threaded nose The skin on the nose will produce collagen to replace the broken silk. make the nose rise (Hahaha… Collagen again. And how much volume does the body have to produce to have a prominent nose?) The authors challenge that even if you eat collagen too. The nose isn’t prominent (Is PDO 4-5 lines for rhinoplasty cost 15,000 baht…oh, very expensive). In this case, the writer would like to explain to me that The skin around the nose is quite thin. Thread lifting in order to create collagen, it has to be superficial. then the inflammation Another hundred thousand silks disappear, how many milligrams of collagen can I add? And if you want a prominent nose How many strands do you have to be able to see when it’s prominent? It’s instant, or you have to wait 6-8 months or until the silk is completely dissolved. (If anyone knows, please answer. Writers want to know.)

Nose augmentation by injection

It is a surgery by injecting the silk solution tv bucetas. Do I have to say it’s a solution? (I repeat, it’s really a solution.) That substance is Polycaprolactone (PCL). This substance is a polymer (Polymer) is a synthetic substance derived from the synthesis of petroleum. The ability of PCL is that it is Biodegradable Polyester that can decompose naturally, like a plastic bottle to reduce global warming. That is, leave it, it will decay on its own, but I did not say that if this substance PCL enters the body. Or if it goes under the skin, it will decay like leaving it outside the body or not, and most importantly, do not say that if it is in our body for a long time. Then what will be the problem because the injectable silk solution has only been used in Europe for no more than 3-4 years, with the first 2 years being a trial? Just came to the market 1 year ago, with various complications No one knows yet, but “Thai” is good enough to know that there is a substance injected. New is afraid that it will fall out of trend. So I went to get injections at various clinics (as I said, foreigners know that Thai people like injections a lot. So he also lived to see whether there was any problem?) Importantly, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Thailand has not yet certified it. As far as the writers know, the solution This type of silk can be divided into “S-Short time”, “M-Medium time”, “L-Long time”, “E-Ever time”, depending on the melting time of 1-4 years, respectively. In the case of injection and dissatisfaction because the writer himself is lazy, he has to sit and speak later because he feels pity)

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