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More than a decade ago, Google launched its first decentralized computing project: the open web. Today, this digital omnibus is being used to build the world’s most secure mobile app store and index virtual reality content. The venture capital fundgeist has been building this digital revolution for years now and brienventurebeat is in the middle of it all. Today, we’re creating an ecosystem where enterprises, digital VPs and entrepreneurs can leverage their digital presence with trust, transparency and scale. In our venture capital fundgeist, every idea from start-up to enterprise transformation has a backbone of equity—and that’s only the beginning.

What makes brienventurebeat unique

The venture capital fundgeist is a collective of more than 100 fund managers and banks that have created a unique ecosystem for financing and investing in emerging digital companies. Since its launch more than a decade ago, the fundgeist has grown in both size and impact as more than 1,000 companies have bet their digital future on the fund. In its early days, the fundgeist was a partnership between investment banks like Goldman Sachs and other financial services companies. Today, there are thousands of separate companies and funds that invest in digital companies. The fund is by far the largest investor in startups interested in digital products like mobile apps, websites and virtual reality content. It’s also the largest investor in funds with funds including companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter.

How we different?

There are many similarities between brienventurebeat and the ecosystem created by Google, Facebook and other large tech companies. The most obvious one is that both companies are going public. In the case of Google, it will become a public company; in the case of Facebook, it will become an enterprise-focused public company. Beyond that, brienventurebeat is essentially the same with its core values of transparency and trust being applied to the public markets. Both companies are privately owned; however, the public companies have a much broader reach than the private services they provide.

Purpose of a Venture Capital Fundgeist

Beyond the obvious reasons mentioned above, brienventurebeat is unique in its approach to fund management. Instead of offering buyout and acquisition opportunities, it focuses on investing in companies that might otherwise not have found success outside of its own walls. Among the companies it is invested in, brienventurebeat will first and foremost invest in companies that have a compelling reason to exist and a working product. The fund willmakers will closely monitor the companies’ progress to ensure the funds’ investment is justified. In its early stages, brienventurebeat will primarily provide equity funding, with a few rounds of debt financing thrown in for variety. The fund will also collaborate with relevant investment banks and financial services companies to provide additional oversight and direction. As the fund grows, it will expand its scope and become more than just a vehicle for equity funding. It will become the foundation of a new and larger business ecosystem.

What’s next for brienventurebeat?

Although the fund is still in its infancy, it’s clear that the venture capital market is entering an era of truly public companies. Facebook, Google and other major tech giants are now investing in companies with the potential to become public companies. Furthermore, state and federal authorities are increasingly looking into how these companies are using digital products. This has created an opportunity for emerging companies to enter the public markets and prove that they are ready to go public. The venture capital market is especially favorable for emerging companies, who often lack the funding, marketing, development and financial resources necessary for successful public campaigns. In the case of brienventurebeat, these same regulators have now set their sights on the private companies that make up the fund. This includes the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

Define your mission

The first and most important thing to mention is brienventurebeat’s mission. The fund willmakers will praise brienventurebeat’s success and call it a success because brienventurebeat was able to do things no other company had ever attempted. This includes raising funds from investors; operating expenses; growing a business; and raising awareness beyond its native U.S. The fund willmakers will call this success and those accomplishments a source of immense corporate growth. Most notably, the fund willomers will praise brienventurebeat for its scale and reach. This includes recognizing the company for the incredible job it does in terms of positively showcasing the products it sells and its connections with influencers.

Financing, marketing and product development

The secondimportant thing to mention is the amount of invested capital the company will need. Although each fund will provide a fixed amount, the company’s plan will need to grow at a healthy clip to make up the difference. For instance, a company with $1 million in revenue would need to raise $100 million to make up its $1 billion in funding. The amount of financing and marketing effort required is another common similarity between brienventurebeat and other tech companies. It will also depend on the industry and product the company is in.


The venture capital fundgeist is a collective of large technical and financial services companies that have committed to investing in high-quality startups in exchange for equity funding. The fund is the largest source of capital for early-stage tech companies, and it has become more important in the recent years because of the large scale and impact of the internet. In the early 2000’s, when the fund was first created, it was meant to provide a short-term financing option for early-stage tech companies. However, this has evolved into an important source of capital for the industry as more and more companies seek to get onto the public markets. The future of the fund is unclear, but it’s clear that the industry needs more leaders like brienventurebeat. The venture capital fundgeist can help turn emerging companies into public companies and provide investors with a source of long-term funding.

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