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Shocking Facts About Domestic Violence

Did you know that domestic violence affects many people around the world? Did you know that there are at least twenty cases of physical abuse of women and children every minute? And that over 10 million people experience some form of IPV each year? Those numbers are shocking! Read on to discover more shocking facts about domestic violence. It may just shock you! In some countries, you can even refuse to marry a selected spouse. What is more, 85% of victims are women.

Even though these statistics may seem horrifying, they are actually quite common. It is estimated that one in ten women will be the victim of domestic violence. Women are more likely to be hospitalised than men, and their abusers are more likely to use violence against them than men. This type of violence can be a vicious cycle, and it often begins innocently enough that no one notices. Most cases end without the abuser being prosecuted. News of kannada

According to the CDC, 1 in three women experience violent behavior from an intimate partner. Gender-based violence has no boundaries in class, culture, or religion, and is the most common form of sexual assault. Statistics confirm that the number of victims is out of control. Most victims are unable to take action because they are paralyzed with fear. These statistics should help you protect yourself and your family. If you suspect that your partner is experiencing violent behavior, do not delay. Make sure to inform your family about the situation immediately.

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