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The Buzz Behind Electric Dab Rigs

America is finally approaching the line of becoming a cannabis-friendly country, and while it is inarguable that having full legalization will make accessing cannabis and hemp products easier, it also means there are a lot of new tokers joining the ranks. If you’re new to the world of CBD, THC, and the countless variations of the two, welcome! In this article, we’ll educate you on just what dabbing is exactly, and how to best enjoy the experience. Better than the biased advice of an old head, we can give you advice that will help you get the most out of your sesh.

What are dabs, and how are they different from bowls or joints?

Let’s start off by explaining dabs and dabbing in terms of enjoying cannabis. Dabs, explained in depth here, refer to a concentrate called wax, a thick and potent substance you can extract from the leaves of the plant with heat and pressure. Due to the strength of the effect wax tends to have on smokers of any experience level, most dabbers partake in one or two-hit sessions. Ever heard the phrase “a dab will do ya”? Well, in this case, that is quite true, smoking too much concentrate at once can be unpleasant for several reasons. Read on to see what we mean.

When dabbing wax, you need a source of extreme heat and a tool with which to capture and inhale the smoke. Often, tokers will opt for using a Nectar Collector or “dab straw”, made of glass or metal and silicone. Heated to the point of glowing, the dab straw can then be touched to a small metal spoon or scraper, to melt the wax. As the wax melts against the straw, the toker inhales the smoke produced and can get an elevated high, higher than most rolled smokables can achieve. However, there are plenty of drawbacks to using this old-school method, like burning your lungs and throat and killing your vibe by sending you into a fit of painful coughing.

Tokers by choice, engineers by necessity: Dab solutions

So we now approach the question of how to enjoy the strong and lasting high from wax concentrate, without causing ourselves a stomach ache from a fit of coughs, or scorching our throat with temperatures hotter than man should ever inhale. If there’s one running joke within our community, it is that any self-proclaimed stoner is also an amateur engineer: they can make anything into a smoking utensil. Thankfully, some clever tokers have already designed a much more elegant solution than a soda can turned into a smokable bowl: An electric dab rig.

An electric dab rig will come with a heat source with a way to control the temperature you heat your “banger” or “nail” to. If you want to get a visual, you can see some Electric Dabs and More online. Be it a bong, a pipe, or a more compact device, having an electric rig to allow you to set the heat to your own preferences will give you the toking experience you desire, without any of the embarrassing and uncomfortable coughing or choking you’d get from a dab straw and torch lighter. You’ll also be able to achieve more consistent hits and highs because you will be heating the wax to the same temperature each and every sesh.

Now, keep in mind using nectar collectors isn’t a cardinal sin, simply put it’s just not the recommended way for first-time dabbers to enjoy the experience. For old heads and experienced dabbers, it’s a quick and easy way to get a sesh in if you don’t have an E-rig. When you’re thinking ahead, though, and have the opportunity to prepare, why not give yourself the best, smoothest experience by utilizing the newest technology in the cannabis industry? Your options don’t stop and dab rigs, there are tons of ways to get a good toke without it being complicated or uncomfortable.

Your choices aren’t limited, you have options!

Bongs, pipes, and papers are all original cannabis staples for regular tokers. Rolling a joint is very much a chore when you don’t have a clear space to work, but if you have a tray to keep things organized, it becomes less so. Bongs and pipes are helpful tools in that you can easily store them in a drawer, cabinet, or closet. Keeping your glass pieces put away is important if you don’t want to experience the emotional pain that comes with accidentally breaking one of your own pipe or bong. More important than that, however, is keeping your glass pieces clean, because nobody wants to hit a bong that has changed colors since the day it was purchased.

Beyond sanitizing your smokable glass art of any growing bacteria that could damage your lungs or make you sick, maintaining clean toking tools helps you enjoy every session more. No unexpected and unpleasant flavors or debris hitting your mouth with each hit, and no lingering scent stinking up your room or glass piece storage. Besides, if you’re a toker, you’re definitely old enough to keep your bong water fresh, let’s be real here.

On this topic, mentioning you must be at least 21 to ride this ride, it’s important to also educate you on the latest news for federal laws, and cannabis legalization in America. This link: https://www.mpp.org/policy/federal/ will take you to the current laws and federal policies in place, and sub-links within will take you to the page speaking on cannabis and hemp products.

Our great country’s policies are ever-changing, they update frequently, don’t be the last to know the latest news.

Educating yourself is a priority for all things cannabis, like how to, what tools and accessories to use, and what strains have effects you may enjoy or dislike, but most vital to your chances at enjoying a session is knowing where it is legal. Nothing kills the vibe quite like getting in trouble, so be sure to check your local laws!

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