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Top 10 Real Estate Developers in Egypt

The Egyptian real estate market has been driven by strong fundamentals, the size of the population, and the rapid growth rate. People in Egypt place a high value on owning a home and parking money in real estate rather than spending it on luxuries. COVID-19, the recent real estate fair, saw many master-planned communities with low-rise buildings, green spaces, and outdoor activities. This growth in demand is expected to continue in the medium-term, as consumers focus on a variety of priorities.

Egypro FME: This company is one of the top real estate developers in Egypt. Its services include sales to foreign companies and individuals. The company offers a comprehensive list of Cairo real estate listings, which it can use to assist clients. These developers are able to get access to all real estate listings in the capital area. If you are looking to buy a property in Cairo, contact the Trust Group Egypt Real Estate. mezoka 

Memaar Al Morshedy: The Egyptian developer’s landbank is one of its strongest assets. It ranked 24th on the list. Other leading Egyptian developers include: Six of October Development & Investment (SODIC), Memaar Al Morshedy, and Orascom Development Egypt. The latter is the largest listed real estate developer in the country, with total assets of over $8 billion.

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