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Top 10 Trading Platforms according to Trader Union and choosing the best platform.

Choosing the best Platform for trading can be a difficult task. Out of all the other options available these days, you can select one best platform on which your whole trading experience is depending. Here we will discuss and give you a complete guide about how to choose a trading platform along with a list of top 10 trading platforms shortlisted by Traders Union. We will also tell you why eToro is considered on the number one in the shortlisted platforms.

Guide: Choosing a Best Forex Broker.

Here are a few tips which you can follow while choosing a forex broker for your investment.

  • Choose the broker based on your goals. It can vary for active trading and investment.
  • Choose a company that is licensed and regulated by authority. It will provide you security.
  • Check Traders Union review and select according to the rating and expert review.
  • Study all the trading conditions carefully given the Traders Union review.
  • Open the forex account and start your investing and trading business.

How Traders Union enlist the Best Trading Platforms?

Most of you must be wondering how we enlist the trading platform and on which basis we review and rate them. So here are few aspects which Traders Union check before reviewing and suggesting a broker:


We focus on providing a list of forex brokers offering a number of platforms for trading because some people prefer to trade while sitting and home while others use to trade while they are on their way. So this gives access to a number of platforms at any time and any place.

Reliability and authenticity:

One of the most crucial factors which can’t be ignored is the authenticity of the broker. We enlist brokers on the level of their reliability and authenticity. We make sure that the companies we are mentioning are licensed and regulated with some authority. This ensures safety and protection of your money and investment.

Customer support:

It is one of the other important factors. Customer support is highly important when you need to know about certain things or there is a problem with your account. You would never want to wait for several days and weeks. So we searched for the companies offering fast, efficient and expert support to every customer. This will help you get in touch with the broker at any time.

Stock options:

While investing in stocks, everyone wants to have diversity. In the beginning you must be buying stocks from one or two companies but later on you will diversify your portfolio later. That’s why we choose the companies offering more variety in stock options.


Some brokers charge too much fees for subscription and even for maintenance of the account. If you are a passive trader then this can cause you a lot of money. Other than this some brokers even charge fees for depositing and transferring money. These all fees together can charge you more than the profit you make. So we prefer the companies asking for less deposit and withdrawal fees with less or no maintenance fees.


Some of the beginners have no idea about how trading business works and  how you can do successful trading. In such cases educational and training videos are highly helpful for them. So we always prioritize the forex broker offering you with high quality training and educational sources.

Here is a list of top Trading Platforms shortlisted by Traders union along with the overall rating rate:

Trading Broker Overall Rating
eToro 9.6
eOption 9.4
CapTrader 9.3
Interactive Brokers 9.2
Revoult 9.1
SoFi 9.0
M1 Finance 8.9
Wealthsimple 8.8
Fidelity 8.7


Why eToro USA LLC is considered on the top of the list of best forex brokers?

eToro is offering plenty of benefits that makes it to top of the list. Here are few of them:

  • Mobile apps are present to trade on smartphones.
  • It is licensed and regulated broker.
  • Don’t charge any additional maintaining or non-trading fee.
  • Offering demo account
  • Providing online educating and training programs.
  • Funds are held by US licensed banks.

There are only few reasons. There are plenty of it that make eToro to the top of the list.

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