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What to do if your car key is broken?

Unfortunately many people have had to suffer the bad experience of seeing their car keys break while trying to access it or even worse, when trying to start it.  When this happens the stress that is generated in the body can cloud the mind and not be very clear what to do in these cases. So we offer you some options you can check if you’re facing a car key problem

Contact an automotive locksmith professional to avoid major damage.

The best option will always be to opt for a professional who can help you solve the problem, in this case you can contact an automotive locksmith nearby. Especially, if the key breakage is very deep and it is difficult to extract the piece. 

Automotive locksmiths are professionals specialized in the area of locks and security systems in vehicles. Therefore, they are able to help you solve the problem by offering the best options, in addition, they have specialized tools so as not to damage the rest of the car. 

These services have become especially popular because of their efficiency and affordability. There are locksmith services that are fully equipped with minivans to reach the most remote places. 

Wires to extract broken keys from car locks

Sometimes for various circumstances we cannot contact a trained locksmith and we have to improvise some other solution, so you can try a maneuver with a wire that many times can help you to unbolt the key stuck in the lock. You can start by trying to remove the small pieces left around the lock. The idea is to bend the wire into a hook shape to try to pull the key fragment that is stuck inside the door. 

Needle-nose pliers to widen access and remove the key.

You can use these needle nose pliers to extract the key fragment, although they are generally more recommended for when the keys get stuck, this is because sometimes it can produce collateral damage, especially if it is the vehicle’s ignition. 

The idea with these tweezers is to enlarge the hole to remove broken keys more easily. 

When performing these methods try to be careful, remember that we are not talking about a conventional lock that can be replaced easily and without exaggerated expenses.

Accidents happen and sometimes, although we want to solve the problem with a professional, we are not in the right circumstances to ask for help and that’s when we have to get creative. If that is the situation you are experiencing right now, we hope these recommendations can help you get out of trouble. It will not be an easy task so try to be patient. 

We can’t guarantee that these methods will be 100% effective, but there have been cases in which more than one person has gotten out of trouble, so don’t lose anything by trying.  And if you want everything easily solved, you can always count on the help of a professional.

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