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What types of cutting blades are there?

There are many materials for polishing, grinding, cutting, and turning. If you are looking for different types of cutting discs to use in your work. But still don’t know which type of cutting blade to use in your work? This article will summarize the types of cutting blades in one place. So that you can get to know each type of leaves. Before choosing to use it correctly and suitable for the job that needs to be done.

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steel cutting disc

This type of cutting disc is available in both green and red cutting discs, which are made from special grade aluminum oxide sand grains that make the cutting blades sharp, durable, strong, and can be used to cut various tasks quickly. It is also extremely suitable for use in cutting stainless steel, aluminum. This type of steel cutting blade can be used to cut almost all types of other materials.

Grinding discs for grinding machines

Grinding discs are considered another important equipment that must be used in the cutting and grinding process. While the grinding blade is very thick and durable, general cutting blade work with a thickness of more than 4 millimeters or more The purpose of using a grinding wheel is to decorate the edges of various steels to be more refined and safe.

Wood cutting blades for grinders

This type of cutting blade is designed for use with wood. Therefore, it must have special features such as the teeth of the blade. in order to be used to cut wood even better It is also available in both coarse teeth and fine teeth. This will result in workpieces with different resolutions and characteristics. In which the user must choose to use wood cutting blades that are suitable for the type of wood. to get the best workpiece

Cement blade

This one will be produced for use in cutting workpieces such as marble, granite or various tiles, designed to be able to cut these to achieve a smooth, beautiful appearance, both with fluted teeth and fine teeth. Choose to use according to the nature of the job itself.

Working in cutting and grinding may seem like a complicated and procedural task. including a variety of equipment But if the owner of the workpiece knows the features and properties of the desired workpiece material to work with Including various tools as well, it will help to work quickly. more efficient It also makes it possible to get beautiful workpieces as desired. For this reason, Shop top brands on Boom and Bucket and study material and tool information before actual use is the number one priority. In addition, it is to buy tools from stores or sources that are reliable, reliable, quality and trusted by those in the aforementioned circles.

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